How To Cancel Mcafee Security Antivirus In A Few Easy Steps?


Canceling the McAfee antivirus product is not a hectic task; you just have to follow some basic steps. McAfee is awesome antivirus software that has customers from all over the world. But many of the users want to cancel the product for any reason. In this blog, you will learn how to cancel McAfee security antivirus in a few simple steps.

McAfee security antivirus software is one of the world’s oldest and fastest security applications. They provide various features that protect your system from malware or other viruses. You have to remember one thing while canceling the McAfee antivirus. If your system only has a McAfee antivirus application, then maybe canceling it is the invitation to malware or viruses.

So, without wasting time, let’s move forward with the process of canceling the McAfee security antivirus.

Methods to Cancel McAfee Security Antivirus on Your System

If you are finding out how to cancel McAfee security from your system, read this blog section to know the easy and simple methods to cancel it. The method mentioned below will help you cancel the McAfee antivirus from your system. In this blog section, you will just have to follow one-by-one methods and steps to cancel the McAfee product.

Method #1: Cancel Mcafee Security Antivirus Through Phone Call

Cancel Mcafee security antivirus through the phone call method is one of the reliable ways to cancel the McAfee subscription plan. Here are the steps that you need to follow to do it:

  1. In the beginning, take your mobile and then type 1-866-622-3911.
  2. Now, click on the dial button.
  3. And then, talk to them, and tell them to remove the McAfee subscription from your system.
  4. At last, when it is completed, ask for a confirmation email or message.

If the above method does not rescue your problem, go through the next method mentioned below in this section.

Method #2: How to Cancel McAfee Security Antivirus Through Company’s Official Website

If the above steps do not help you to cancel McAfee Security products, then here is one more way to do this. You all need just to follow all the steps one by one:

  1. Initially, open your system’s Web Browser.
  2. Type the website link of McAfee antivirus.

  1. Click on the search button.
  2. And when the page opens, go to the top right side of the window and select the My Account option.

  1. Now, use the username and password to log in to your account.
  2. Select the login button.

  1. Next, go to the option of Auto-Renewal Settings.

  1. Finally, select the Turn Off or end option of Auto-Renewal.

By following the above steps, you can make the McAfee antivirus cancel. You just have to go through each and every step.

Method #3: Cancel Mcafee Security Antivirus by Using the Dashboard

Using the Dashboard method is one of the most convenient ways how to cancel McAfee security antivirus. You just have to go through all the steps as it is mentioned in this section of the blog:

  1. First of all, open the McAfee antivirus dashboard and move to the My Info window from the opened dashboard.
  2. Now, click on the Subscription option.
  3. And then, type the login username and password on the opened McAfee’s Account window.
  4. Next, go to the window of My Account and then click on the option of Auto Renewal settings.
  5. Now, you need to do is Turn Off the Auto Renewal option when it is completed.
  6. Click on the Turn Off option from the auto-renewal window.
  7. Finally, the service mode will be disabled for your Auto-renewal, and you will get the same details in the email below.

So, the methods mentioned above, and the steps are simple ways how to cancel McAfee security antivirus from your system. Try out all the methods one by one to solve the queries and cancel the antivirus. We expect that the given solution and ways will help you to rescue yourself from the issues.


How do I easily cancel the McAfee antivirus subscription & get a refund?

You must first go to the McAfee official website and click on the My Account button. Now, sign into the McAfee account and move to the Manage Subscription; then, click on the Refund / Cancel button next to the subscription you need to refund. And then, you will come to a window in which you have to choose the reason for the request for a refund. Click on the options of reasons that are most proper for you.

How do I easily turn off the notice of McAfee renewal?

Here are the steps of Active Shield Prompts that you need to follow to turn off the notice of McAfee renewal:

  1. First, go to the McAfee Security Center, then move to the Common Tasks and click on the Home button.
  2. Under the Security Center details window, click on Configuration.
  3. Now, under the Alerts window, click on the Advance button.
  4. Select Informational Alerts, and also choose Do Not Show Informational Alerts.
  5. Finally, hit the OK button to keep the changes.

How do I easily delete the McAfee security antivirus from my laptop?

Here are the simple steps that you have to follow one by one to delete the McAfee security antivirus from your laptop

  1. First and foremost, go to the start menu, and click on the Control Panel.
  2. Under the Control Panel window, select the program you need to uninstall from your laptop.
  3. Choose the security antivirus application you need to delete, then click on the Uninstall option.
  4. When it pops up then, you require to restart the laptop.

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Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus: Which One Is Better?

Before getting started with the comparison between Norton antivirus vs Mcafee antivirus, you should know the basic features of these two Norton and Mcafee antivirus. Through this ultimate guide, you will be able to get in-depth knowledge of Norton antivirus vs Mcafee antivirus. Still, you must know that Norton and McAfee are two of the best-recognized names in the antivirus space. They have been around for almost a decade.

As we are starting with the comparison of Norton antivirus vs Mcafee antivirus, it is essential to know first that both Norton and McAfee offer huge features that contain not only amazing malware security but also encrypted password managers storage, Internet security suites, as well as VPNs. In this blog, I will review Norton antivirus vs Mcafee antivirus in order to find out which of these two products shows better ability to perform better for your cybersecurity & other needs. Read on and see who wins here between Norton antivirus vs Mcafee antivirus.

Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus: Which Offers Better Security?

Many Norton Antivirus vs McAfee Antivirus reviewers scores this one as a tie. But there are differences that we are going to discuss below. When it comes to comparisons, both Norton and McAfee get a 100% in the department of malware protection tests. However, I cannot call it a tie because, in my opinion, it’s not! Now, let’s pay attention to the below differences between Norton Antivirus vs McAfee Antivirus.

#1 Malware Removal

According to the quick and in-depth scan practices, both Norton and McAfee offer custom scans where we can easily choose the files and folders on our own. This can be very beneficial in case we connect a USB key that may have infected files. Moving towards the results, I have already mentioned that both (Norton Antivirus vs McAfee Antivirus) products are great in order to catch malware. Also, it leaves only 0.6% unremoved. Having said that, McAfee does that automatically without asking your permission. On the other side, Norton is user-dependent.

#2 Ease of Use

Norton is really easy to use. But also takes a little time to get used to if you are using it the first time. I like how clean & uncluttered the interface it contains. Moreover, Norton Antivirus allows users to change & customize plenty of settings and options. Norton security’s main dashboard shows the tools that come with your Norton plan, but it hides some features, such as different scan options as well as different web shields, behind too many submenus. Now, Let’s discuss McAfee! McAfee antivirus software is very well-designed and includes an intuitive interface. The main dashboard shows the types of McAfee protection features available in your subscription plan, including Identity, PC, Web, and others, and it’s always quick and the easiest to initiate your preferred type of scan.

#3 Firewall Protection

Now, let’s start acknowledging the comparison between Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus based on firewall protection. Norton Antivirus software’s Smart Firewall performs hand-in-hand with the Intrusion Prevention System. The former chooses which data goes via while the latter checks if there are no malicious pieces. It also hides all-new ports in order to limit the connection options for third parties. And McAfee Antivirus software’s firewall protection performs better when it comes to encountering fewer false positives. Apart from that, the settings & performance features are quite similar to Norton Antivirus. In this case, it’s sufficient while comparing Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus that both do their job, and you should never be thinking this part over during selecting between Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus.

#4 Customer Support

Customer support is also one of the most important features that we must discuss while comparing Norton Antivirus vs Mcafee Antivirus. Norton antivirus security provides pretty well customer support. It delivers support through live chats and phones. Also, it includes more than one language, such as English, Dutch, German, Arabic, as well as Mandarin. In addition, Norton also includes an impressive range of product guides such as FAQs and videos on its site. On the other hand, McAfee also offers a very exciting range of customer support channels, including phone support, live chat, and forum. I personally like McAfee Antivirus software’s forum, which is very active and responsive at the same time.

Norton Antivirus Vs Mcafee Antivirus: Which One Has The Best Features?

In short, I see Norton Antivirus winning this round in our Norton Antivirus Vs Mcafee Antivirus review because of the more extensive anti-identity theft tool & cloud storage. Norton is the best overall antivirus software of 2022. It has passed and caught all of the malware samples in all of our practices. Norton also comes with superior security features, including a fast VPN with unlimited data, good device optimization tools, live dark web monitoring, and the best parental controls on the market. But still, it depends on you what you choose according to your needs.

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OnePlus 10R Review: What’s Good & What’s Not Good?


 OnePlus arrives on the market with its best R series phones. Two years ago, the OnePlus introduced the series of smartphones to bridge the ever-widening gap between the Nord series and its most popular premium smartphones. At the same time, these R series smartphones have traditionally categorized themselves as cut-price flagships. The phone strategy which is pivoted this year is based on the Shenzhen company. This smartphone is a very different beast compared to the rest of the phone’s lineup, from the internals to the externals. In this blog of the OnePlus 10R Review, we will see what is good and what is not good and also know some of its features.

Important Things You Need To Know About The OnePlus 10R Smartphone

The OnePlus 10R smartphone is the latest India-exclusive budget flagship phone from OnePlus. OnePlus company got the sub-flagship by the moniker which is located in China. Desirous followers of the phone industry will also notice that the specification of this smartphone is practically the same as the Realme GT Neo 3 from its BBK sister brand. That should not arrive as a surprise since the OnePlus 10R is basically just a rebadged Realme GT Neo 3 with Oxygen OS onboard. The phone is an amazing evolution of the formula pioneered by the OnePlus 9R. While the company’s models, the OnePlus 9R and the OnePlus 9RT, were quite clearly a variation on the flagship formula.

OnePlus looks like it is targeting a fully unique proposition instead of positioning the 10R as a cut-price flagship alternative. The OnePlus 10R smartphone debuts a MediaTek affordable price in the value flagship space and combines with competent imaging hardware. A high refresh rate display and table stakes like adequate RAM also find their way here. The real attention which grabs the audience is its ultra-fast charging speeds.

What Is Good In The OnePlus 10R Smartphone?

The OnePlus phone has opted for a bold visual identity with the 10R that creates its presence felt, for worse or better. The design of the rear side of the smartphone comes with a dual-pane which consists of an array of strips is certainly something. The fact that it adjusts nowhere in the overarching OnePlus decision language aside. It is going to be moving various kinds of heads with its unique pinstripe view. The screen is yet another feature of the smartphone that stands out. OnePlus handsets have traditionally had slightly nice displays with colors that are more accurate than not. In the case of this phone, it means that a 6.7-inch FHD + AMOLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate as well as HDR is also available in this phone.

Strictly saying, the calibration of the display is very good. The screen does have its caveats, though, and that is much more to do with how it maintains a high dynamic range of content. Seeing HDR10+ videos, the smartphone gets a mild blue cast and a pretty shift in white point.

What Is Not So Good In the OnePlus 10R Smartphone?

As we have established, the OnePlus 10R smartphone is a dramatic departure from the entire the recent OnePlus phone lineup. From the flat sides to the flat screen and the items and materials used, there is precious little here that reminds you of the completely blooded OnePlus 10 Pro. While it is a bit unusual for the brand to introduce fresh recognition in the middle of a smartphone cycle, what is specifically odd is the drastic drop in quality. The quality of the OnePlus smartphone is not very good because it is built with plastics or glass at the rear. The smartphone simply does not look premium to the touch.

The OnePlus is specifically noticeable in the plastic camera module that attracts fingerprints for days and seems a smudge fest after moving the phone out of the box. The drop-down in the quality of the phone is also reflected in the missing alert slider. The expulsion of the slider is not just a hardware omission, and it is a given line that the latest OnePlus is not afraid to break from tradition. This smartphone is powered by Oxygen OS 12.1, which is a mish-mash of factors cribbed from Oppo’s Color OS and Oxygen OS. Factors like the notification toggle, such as lack of continuity, and there is odd text scaling to play that can create certain factors to appear just too big. 

OnePlus 10R: Camera Quality

If you are already a user of a OnePlus phone, then you know the phone’s camera quality is not bad. But that theme of incompatibility slips over into imaging, which should maybe arrive as no surprise for a OnePlus smartphone. It begins with the smartphone’s proclivity to move the white balance towards warm tones. While the image captured by this phone that I do not personally mind, it just is not very accurate. The age-old OnePlus phone issue of crushed shadows is yet another concern. The 50 MP primary camera sensor can give us a decent amount of quality and performs nicely in dimly lit situations.

The same thing cannot be said for the ultrawide sensor shooter. The 8MP camera sensor restrictions are immediately apparent, with heavy noise shortage being the norm to mask the narrow details. Things give a rocking button when it comes to the macro camera. The 2MP macro sensor is generally seen doing the rounds normally bad; the one on the OnePlus 10R smartphone hits a new low.


Is there any heating problem with the OnePlus 10R?

In most scenarios, it is normal to experience heating problems since most smartphones do not have a cooling machine, but if you utilize your smartphone to multitask and play big games, then your smartphone will slow down, and the machine’s power will decrease, affecting the phone’s performance.

Can the OnePlus 10R smartphone run the PUBG game smoothly?

It totally depends on the RAM and processor of the smartphone. To run BGMI or PUNG smoothly on the OnePlus 10R, the minimum requirement is to have at least 3GB of RAM and a nice processor. However, playing games for a long time may decrease the performance depending upon other elements like battery percentage and screen brightness, and RAM consumption.

Can you disable or uninstall pre-installed apps on the OnePlus 10R?

By default, the OnePlus 10R smartphone does not give permission to users to delete its pre-installed apps, but you may utilize third-party tools to delete pre-installed apps from the OnePlus 10R smartphone.

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